We only sell labels and labeled packaging. We DO NOT offer direct print online. 

(See below)*

SlapHub LA has been at the forefront of the custom packaging scene since its inception in 2019, focusing on turning client ideas into tangible market-ready packaged products.

Use our online design builder or hire a designer with us to create your own custom packaging today!

We make it easy to capitalize on the advantages of the digital age.

We are leaders in:

  • Affordability
  • Quality
  • and Profitability



The custom design services at SlapHub are easy to use - Catered for small and medium brands, artists,  freelance designers, or anyone that needs quality packaging materials in small or large quantities.


* We have a different, offline quoting process for direct-print bag orders. Minimum order quantity is 5,000 pcs. For more information, please reach our Sales Department.